A fresh approach to getting along 


n. tact or skill in interacting with people

n. “Art” hails from the Latin word “ars” meaning, art, skill, or craft and pertains to the various branches of creative activity.

Artio Services is a creative consulting company that builds diverse and inclusive communities and work cultures through artistic diplomacy. The arts are a tool to create healthy relationships and positive interactions with others. Through events, trainings, and coaching, Artio partners with businesses and artists to dissolve harmful biases, create community awareness, and strengthen communication.  The Artio name derives from an ancient Celtic bear goddess that inspires our values of strong feminine leadership, a care for the collective, and a pursuit for natural balance.

"Hi, I'm Jennifer Maynord, the founder of Artio Services, and I want to welcome you to Artio's page. We are here to help you build healthy, diverse relationships through creative approaches. I'd love to visit anytime, and thanks for stopping by."

- Jenn

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