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  • Six-Week Guidance Program: This program is designed to help your team build leadership through learning healthy communication styles conflict resolution strategies, boundary setting, and diversity and inclusion training. Each week we bring arts-based experiences and resources to your team, offer action items and progress assessments. All of these aspects support team morale, engagement, productivity, and boost your bottom line.

  • Project Management: How do you reflect your leadership in the community and through partnerships? Through strategic partnerships, arts-based events, and creative design, we help you develop leadership initiatives and improve branding.

  • Trainings and Workshops: The CEO Institute found that poor training is the cause of many fails in leadership development. That's why we are committed to offering quality training that integrates arts-based, introspective, and engaging, experiences to create change at the core.

  • Retainer-Based Consulting: We provide monthly research-based proposals and creative, sustainable solutions to fill leadership gaps and build healthy leadership systems.

  • Hourly Consulting: We offer hourly consulting to provide resources for leadership build-ing and growth.

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Artio creates strategic partnerships and curates events to grow inclusive communities and build diverse relationships. We care about education, social wellbeing, and environmental sustainability and partner with others who hold the same values. They include school districts, peacebuilding organizations, non-profits, art and community centers, yoga studios, and more.



We offer integrative leadership coaching to individuals looking to build their personal and professional identities and integrate leadership practices. Amongst our cooperative of unique coaches and mentors, we'll find the right support for you. Schedule a call today!