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Building and Reflecting Everyday Diplomacy

Our trainings, workshops, and coaching help businesses and organizations implement diplomatic leadership strategies, enhance relationship building, and develop an inclusive work culture. We weave various arts modalities into conflict resolution, stress management, types of biases, leadership, wellness, diversity and inclusion. 

Through creative consulting, we artistically develop branding, marketing, and operations in a diverse and inclusive way. We can create branding packages, marketing maps, social media content, and promotional material to help you authentically connect with your audience and partners. 

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We create strategic partnerships to help grow communities and build relationships. We care about education, social wellbeing, and environmental sustainability and partner with others who hold the same values. They include school districts, peacebuilding organizations, non-profits, art and community centers, yoga studios, small businesses, and more.



By working one-on-one, we can help you uncover tools for a happier, healthier, and more liberating lifestyle. Through our cooperative of diverse coaches and mentors, we'll find the right support for you. Schedule a call to find out more!

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