Strengthening Leadership
through the Arts

We empower compassionate, creative, and courageous leadership through arts engagement.

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Founded in 2019, Artio Services started with a focus on the arts, leadership, and the synergy between the two. Through our research and work, we found that engaging with the arts helps people tap into the creative and innovative part of their brain that supports integrity-based leadership qualities. Our mission is to help companies and organizations develop compassionate, creative, and courageous leadership through consulting, artist bookings, creative design, and event curation. Our services are designed to improve communication, conflict resolution, community engagement, diversity and inclusion within a work culture. We also empower artists in leadership and professional development by providing them with tools and knowledge to mobilize their career. Find out more about us and what we can offer.

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"Hi, I'm Jennifer Maynord, the founder of Artio Services, and I want to welcome you to this site. A fun fact about us: the name Artio hails from a Celtic bear goddess and represents compassion, creativity, and courage. We strive to integrate these leadership qualities in everything we do. I'd be happy to chat on ways we can support, and feel free to send me a message at the bottom of the page. Thanks for stopping by!"

- Jenn