Where everyday diplomacy meets the arts.

Artio is a creative consulting company that helps build and reflect everyday diplomacy through artistic approaches. Our name derives from an ancient Celtic bear goddess that inspires our values of strong feminine leadership, a care for community, and a pursuit for natural well-being. We are a female-led cooperative that provides workshops, trainings, diverse and inclusive development, creative design, and consulting to businesses, organizations, and individuals.


"I have to acknowledge that Artio exceeded my expectations in creativity, commitment, friendliness and flexibility. They are UNIQUE."

- Mohammed M.

(Sana'a, Yemen)

"I attended an Artio workshop that allowed me to organize my thoughts surrounding how we perpetuate or solve conflict. It gave me a vocabulary to help identify four common behaviors surrounding conflict resolution...I plan to remember this in work and all aspects of my life."

- Elizabeth K.

(Phoenix, AZ)

"We used Artio Services for a creative design project and could not be happier with the results. We were so impressed, we signed on for another project!"

- Amy P.

(Oklahoma City, OK)

Hi, I'm Jennifer Maynord, the founder of Artio Services, and I want to welcome you to Artio's page. We are here to help you build healthy, diverse relationships through creative approaches. I'd love to visit anytime, and thanks for stopping by.


Photo by Nova Mejia

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