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Conflict Resolution Strategies
60-minute Class
Conflict is merely a difference of interests and something we can work through, if we learn new tools. This class identifies four main conflict resolution approaches (contending, yielding, withdrawing, problem solving) and what each of them mean. You will learn how to identify each one amongst a dispute, when to use what strategy in various situations, and how to actively problem solve in team settings.
Healthy Communication Methods
60-minute Class
This class identifies four main communication methods (assertive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, and passive) and provides information on why assertive communication and problem solving can be helpful. This workshop will help you identify group communication styles and challenges and help you find new solutions.
Heart-Based Diversity and Inclusion
60-minute Class
You will learn how to build a more diverse and inclusive lifestyle and business, through a compassionate lens. We identify the difference between explicit and implicit bias, and share defined actions that lead towards a more diverse and inclusive environment.
How to Find Regular Stress Relief 
60-minute Class


In this class, you will learn more about how wellness can help support engagement, morale, and productivity, while gaining the strategies to integrate wellness practices into your every day routines.

Tell us what programming might benefit your team!  

We can tailor workshops specific to your group needs.

"And lest we forget, conflict does have a positive side: it can promote collaboration, improve performance, foster creativity and innovation and build deeper relationships.

The more skilled managers become in handling differences and change without creating or getting involved in conflict, the more successful their teams and companies will become."

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