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How the Arts Can Help Company Branding

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Branding and marketing are evolving alongside technology and businesses are trying to keep up. To shoot you straight, if your brand feels generic and stale, it will directly reflect to your audience. Newer competitors offering authenticity and creativity in their brand may begin to outshine you, so it's important to freshen up your vision and approaches.

Research shows that arts integration can help elevate branding by driving engagement, morale, collaboration, creativity and innovation. When company leaders and employees connect with these factors, retention inevitably improves. 45% of companies say that partnering with the arts offers networking opportunities and the potential to build market share (Business Contributions to the Arts: 2018 Edition). Another study found that art in the workplace helped businesses address challenges such as reducing stress (78% agreed), increasing creativity (64% agreed), and encouraging expression of opinions (77% agreed).

There are several ways to integrate art into the workplace, including scheduling local arts shows, mixers, music performances and staging the workplace with original art. Some of the added benefits include:

1) engage stakeholders and audiences

2) bring foot traffic to a space you want to promote/market

3) offer cross-promotional opportunities with artists and participants

4) further diverse and inclusive initiatives

5) support philanthropic mission

6) serve as a team-building event for employees

7) create networking opportunities for employees and targeted audiences

Where do you start? Because there are so many different ways art can support a company brand, it often takes a tailored plan. This is where Artio Services can help, as we have valuable artist partners that can bring value to company branding. Schedule a short call today and let's get started!

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