Immune System Support by Dr. Meredith Blalock

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, it is extra important to support our immune systems and lungs. Artio is continuing to gain helpful tips and information from Naturopath, Dr. Meredith Blalock. She has provided some supplement recommendations that are general recommendations for healthy adults, but NOT for kids or for adults with autoimmune issues. If there are suggestions that are contraindicated for you, do not start them. In addition to these, Vitamin A is recommended, but doses fluctuate in the case of pregnancy. Please contact Dr. Meredith for more information on appropriate dosages, ages, and information. She is also working to stay stocked on supplements that are also available for shipping. Stay well friends, and Artio will continue to offer as much support possible during this time.


Dr. Meredith Blalock

Blue Mountain Health



Immune and Lung Support Supplements:

1. Vitamin D: 10,000-15,000 IU per day. Blocks viral entry and supports immune function. (TE8013)

2. Vitamin C: take 3-4 doses per day. Dose depends on bowel tolerance. Take up to the point of bowel tolerance. Your body absorbs more vitamin C when you are sick. If you become sick increase your dose to bowel tolerance again. Start at 2,000 mg twice per day and increase until you get loose stool. Take with food or switch to buffered vitamin C if stomach gets upset

3. Zinc: take 25-50 mg per day with food. If you get sick increase to 25-50 mg 2-3 times per day. Important for immune function. Gets used rapidly when fighting infection. (ZIN27)

4. Selenium: 400 mcg per day. This increases functioning of glutathione. (SEL14)

5. NAC: very good at protecting lungs and works to increase glutathione. 500-1000 mg  three times per day for prevention. If you get sick, double this dose. This also acts as a mucolytic. (NAC60)

Five herbs that can help during this virus:

- Astragulus: take 2 capsules three times per day. Antiviral; adaptogenic; reduces inflammation

- Goldenseal and Oregon Grape Fruit: dirtectly toxic to viruses and bacteria; adaptogenic (BERB8). 2 capsules twice per day.

- Echinacea: works best at beginning of infection and is adptogenic. (ECH60). 2 capsules twice per day. 

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