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Making Your Brand More Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive

A brand identity is exactly that, an IDENTITY. The actions, words, and choices you make for your business matters and reflects your identity. Although more leaders are integrating diverse and inclusive practices into their company culture, there are still many who aren't sure how to put board room talks into action.

This is where the arts is the best ally when integrating DEI practices and policies. They help make your brand identity more balanced, accommodating, and welcoming for employees, contractors, customers, and stakeholders alike. Below are a few examples:

1) Arts Events: Creating an arts-based event for your company/organization can highlight different types of culture and also provide a gathering space for various people. An arts-based event can help reflect a company/organization's values and be curated in a way that's inviting to marginalized groups.

2) Art in the Workplace: Featuring different artists in the workplace can once again reflect a company/organization's values and prioritize culture. It can help different populations feel recognized and comfortable in their work environment. Antony Thorncroft, from the Financial Times, wrote: "The benefits of using art in the workplace are considerable. It pleases and motivates the workforce; it enables a company to project a positive image...(and to) sponsor artists; and not least, careful buying can provide a possible investment."

3) Artist Trainings/Workshops: Many companies and organizations allocate a chunk of their budget toward workshops and trainings, and it's worth recognizing whether or not the programming speaks to all demographics. Bringing in trainers and workshop facilitators that offer arts-based tools can maximize engagement across an entire workforce. Challenging DEI conversations can be supported through arts-based exercises that help people think outside the box. Different arts modalities have valuable lessons to share and can help transform workplace mindsets and attitudes.

On the flip side, if you are trying to speak to one demographic, bringing in an artist presenter who can relate to a certain culture can be a big help. Art is a neutral tool that can bring people together, form bonds, and support trust. Curating the right training/workshop for a specific group is an art in itself and takes a lot of creativity, yet can be extremely effective.

These are only a few ways the arts can support diverse and inclusive action. For more information, schedule a call to chat on ways to creatively integrate DEI practices into your business!

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