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Keys to Authentically Branding Your Company

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Much of our work at Artio Services is to help companies understand the value of the arts when it comes to branding their business. It’s often an abstract concept to corporate leaders, but a tangible example I use is, “Art is incorporated into your marketing and branding. Think of your logo, your digital ads, brochures, social media.” The truth is, quality marketing and branding takes a lot of creativity and innovation, especially in a global climate where these components are quite competitive. With media clutter and over saturation, and the accessibility of DIY digital platforms, it takes more skill and intent to elevate a company’s branding and marketing.

In a Strategy + Business article, marketing specialist Vadim Grigorian says, “Engagement with the arts adds to the corporate brand and is a useful marketing tool to both potential employees and customers.” Grigorian gained his MBA from INSEAD and continues to lecture at his alma mater on art and branding. One if his most well know project is his engagement of artists in the Absolut Vodka marketing campaign, and he served as marketing director of luxury and creativity at Pernod Ricard.

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Not only can artists help freshen up logos and marketing material, they help ensure consistency across digital platforms. Does your social media, website, etc. share a cohesive story? Artists have an eye to visually plot that story. Part of branding is also a company’s choice in partnerships and events. These components help identify and set a company apart from others. Artists help enhance a brand by creating memorable experiences and engagement for employees and stakeholders. Offering events that really stick with people take some thought and curation. Choosing event partners that elevate your brand is an opportunity to maximize your marketing budget and social outreach.

“For visionary business leaders, deep corporate cultural engagement is an opportunity to stand out in the eyes of investors and other stakeholders,” says Grigorian. The arts is an avenue into diverse cultures and community building, and overall, it serves as a perfect marketing and branding ally.

Questions on how to make your brand more authentic through utilizing artists? Schedule a quick call, and we'll chat!

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