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Meet a few of Oklahoma's Artist Leaders

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Brand identity EQUALS culture and artists ARE the masters of culture.

Photo by Abi Ruth

Artists help communities, companies, and individuals find their unique identity, and on October 21st, Artio held an "Artist Leadership Movement" event that highlighted art leaders across the state of Oklahoma.

The event was held at Crew Workspace and included many award-winning artists and generous sponsors. Artist leaders include: Denise Duong, Talia Bella, Scottie Gee Hines, Colin Walke, and Chris Gaylor.

The event followed Artio's Boys and Girls Club visit with multi-platinum musician, Chris Gaylor (All American Rejects) and Emmy-award winning hip-hop artist, Jabee. Below are some of the highlights of both events, and we are grateful to everyone involved!

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