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Jennifer Maynord, M.S. &  Yoga as Therapy C.Y.T.

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Jennifer Maynord, M.S. & C.Y.T.

Helping you create the change you want to see across all levels.

Jennifer Maynord, M.S. & C.Y.T.

Integrative Peacebuilder and Yoga as Therapy Practitioner

I help people integrate peace in their lives across all levels. Together, we create a blueprint and identify actions that support a more peaceful existence amongst your mind, body, space and with others. If you are ready to feel different and embark on a building process, then I am here to guide your journey. Please find below some ways to start the process. Please reach out with any questions.


Individual Mentorship

- Mind -

For those who want to improve your relationships with yourself and others, I provide talk-based sessions (remote or in-person) to help you mobilize the change you want to experience in your life. You will learn about the power of personal narratives, understand innate stress responses, and create balance methods. These sessions are ideal if you have already committed to a personal growth journey, for times of stagnation when you're needing a change, and/or if you're newly curious about mind-body tools and approaches. Client slots are limited, and together we embark on a 4-week commitment.

Yoga as Therapy Sessions

- Body -

These are in-person sessions located in the uptown area of Oklahoma City, OK. All sessions begin with a verbal intake and then move into blended therapy models, including Restorative and Yin Yoga, guided meditation, (hands-on) Reiki, myofascial, and muscle energy release. You will learn to connect with your inner conscious, body intuition, and relaxation response. These sessions are ideal for those who would like to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression on a neuromuscular level and go deeper into personal awareness. Sessions may be booked individually or in a (reduced-rate) package.

Artistic Design

- Spaces -

Whether it's home, office, community area, or media--through the art of design,

I bring a fresh feel to your work, play, or relaxation.  

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