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Artio International's mission is to create partnerships with non-profit organizations to bring art programs to vulnerable populations.

For those who have lived, or still live, in conflict regions, we understand the importance of safe community spaces that offer relationship-building experiences. Artio is able to create skill and arts-based programming that supports recovering communities and populations. We offer classes and workshops based on art, writing, music, movement, and breathing/meditation. You can find descriptions of our modalities below. We also provide educational programming that focuses on mindful communication, stress relief, personal boundaries, and intention setting. Program development is always done through a trauma-based lens and aimed at fostering healing and healthy expression. We provide sponsorship opportunities for this type of work through our Patreon page.

Groups assigned to write about an interpersonal conflict were shown to experience significant increases on the Positive Affect Scale, decreases on the Negative Affect Scale, decreases in rumination, and improvement in the way they thought and felt.  

Person Writing

Writing Workshop

Explores how writing can support conflict resolution

on a mental and

physiological basis and

introduces applicable 

exercises and practices.

Music and the arts in conflict resolution is "an important space for the development of relationships beyond the event itself. These relationships are an important part of ensuring that conflicts are avoided in the future."


Sensory & Sound Workshop

Provides a brief overview on how sensory, sound and music can be a powerful tool in conflict resolution and support emotional healing.

According to several studies, meditational practices have been shown to improve conflict resolution.  A 2013 study revealed those who meditate weekly showed reductions in emotional interference.  

Meditating by the Pool

Breathing & Meditation Workshop

Introduces the science behind breathing and meditation and explains how it can be extremely effective in conflict resolution, while providing a trauma-sensitive guided practice.

"Embodied conflict transformation asks us to mobilize our muscles to reorganize the neural pathways that influence habitual responses. Investigating connections between neuromuscular responses and movement patterns will help illuminate how the physical is a constituent of the mental."

Tai Chi Practice

Movement Workshop

Delves into

the relationship between physiology, 

movement, and conflict resolution

while providing techniques

appropriate for all ages 

and abilities.

"Art is a tool that can communicate and transform the way people think and act. Arts can change the dynamics in intractable interpersonal, intercommunal, national, and global conflicts."

- Michael Shank & Lisa Schirch, Strategic Arts-Based Peacebuilding

Paint Cans

Art Workshop

Uses mediums such as paint, pen and ink, colored pencils, etc. to explore the dynamics of peace, conflict, and resolution concepts.

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