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Founder and Director

I am an Integrative Leadership Coach whose background includes project coordination, marketing, branding, wellness coaching/teaching, corporate and community event planning. My mission is to connect artists and businesses to improve leadership, create positive social change, and increase community engagement. Since 2008, I have worked with national and Oklahoma-based companies/districts such as the Goodwill Industries, Chesapeake Energy, The Jones Assembly, Western Avenue district, Film Row district, Citizen's Bank, Crowe Dunlevy and Dunlap Codding Law Firms. With numbers building in 2021, the collective projects I have served gathered over 300,000 patrons and business owners per year and created a low projection of $6 million annual impact for the Oklahoma City metro area. 

I hold my Master's degree in International Affairs Conflict Management from Seton Hall University, a SHU graduate certification in Post-Conflict State Reconstruction and Sustainability, and a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace Certification from the University of Southern Florida. I am currently pursuing my 2021 Therapeutic Art Life Coaching Certification. Prior to graduate school, I earned my Bachelor of Arts in English from Oklahoma State University and wellness certificates in Yoga as Therapy and the Krav Maga Alliance youth teaching program. 

I am also a music artist with Willow Way and live in Oklahoma City, OK with my husband, Dustin, our beautiful 8-year-old daughter, and our two quirky pups, Tut and Kiya.


Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

I am excited to bring my background, education, and life experience to Artio, and work with Jenn and the incredible team she has assembled. I am originally from Phoenix, AZ, and gained my Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Arizona State University. I have more than 15 years of corporate experience at JPMorgan Chase, where I currently manage a group of analysts. My professional background, along with my social justice and human rights research, has provided me with a dynamic approach to topics of diversity and inclusion. I live with my husband and two dogs in Phoenix, and love traveling and meeting new people. 



Leadership Consultant

For almost 20 years, I stood at the intersection of the “Dr. Phil” platform and the show's viewers, as the curator of information for the show's evidenced-based therapies. There, I helped facilitate guests in perhaps the highest stress-crisis transitional moments of their lives. To say the least, I have seen and dealt with it all. I accumulated hands-on experience under the tutelage of Dr. Phil, and G. Frank Lawlis, Ph.D., A.B.P.P., a premier brain scientist and pioneer in non-invasive, neurologically based treatments. I have contributed to three of Dr. Lawlis' books: 

"PTSD Compass Reset," "PyschoNeuroPlasticity Protocols for Addiction" and "Healing Rhythms to Reset Wellness," as well as many of his articles in peer-reviewed journals.

I earned a bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University, a juris doctorate degree from Southern Methodist University Law School, and completed a rigorous training for advanced professionals in motivational interviewing and crisis management at the University of North Texas Medical Science Center. I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist, and trained with the American Hypnosis Association to become a Certified Master in Therapeutic Imagery. I am also a certified life coach, presenter of treatment program faculties, and conduct seminars, corporate training and webinars. 


I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma, born into a family of extremely limited means: I know well what it means to live with the stress of struggling just to get by. Eventually working my way through law school, I graduated and moved to California to work alongside Dr. Phil and his advisory board, and am happy to have come full circle back to Oklahoma, where I work in private practice and live with my wife and our two young daughters.


Arts & Leadership Consultant

I gained my Master's Degree in Art Leadership and Cultural Management from Colorado State University University and I'm starting my PhD program for Arts Administration in the Fall. I have more than five years of nonprofit arts administration experience, primarily through the Salvation Army. I've taught arts-based programs for more than eight years. I have experience in event planning, fundraising, board governance, marketing, HR development, grant writing and contract negotiation. 

I teach at Oklahoma City University for their Nonprofit Management Master's degree program, am a dance instructor for the Oklahoma City public school district, and serve as the Professional Development Director for Young Nonprofit Network (YNPN) in Oklahoma City. My goal is to equip others with leadership strategies  they can use to create a diverse and inclusive space within the arts. 


For more information on what I can offer, click here.



Media and Design

I hail from small-town Pennsylvania, where I got my first job as a general assignment reporter at my hometown newspaper, The New Castle News. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in psychology from Allegheny College, I sought new vistas in Florida, taking a job as an editor and writer for The Key West Citizen. Transitioning from journalism into graphic design and page layout design, I moved cross-country to take a job as chief designer of the metro section for The Arizona Republic. I was hired by their parent company, The USA Today Network, where I was a magazine and news layout designer for more than a decade

I'm a freelance editor, and live in Phoenix with my son, Raine, and our rescue pup, Leo. In my free time, I volunteer as a writer, editor and photographer with World Based, a multimedia company that provides free media to non-profits in some of the most poverty-stricken areas of the world.



Healing Arts Consultant

After graduating with a Bachelor of Dance degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, with an emphasis in choreography, I experienced the unexpected death of my little sister. In the shock and throes of the heartache, I turned towards yoga and movement therapy as a pathway to heal from the trauma and grief of loss. In turn, I was inspired to earn my 200-hour yoga certification and commit to the rigorous process of becoming a certified master in the Japanese energy medicine and ancient healing art of reiki. 


In my journey to wellness and in service to my students and clients, I grew a passion for the discovery of diverse healing modalities and how they could come together to soothe the pain and suffering of the human experience. I began to combine all of my professional experience in yoga, bioenergetics, somatic therapies, dance, therapeutic movement, and reiki to help facilitate workshops, classes, and seminars. Through my outreach, I provide the space and guidance for others to release trauma, cope with grief, and heal emotional wounds by reconnecting with the body. I am on a mission to help others connect to the deeper wisdom of their bodies to promote healing and create a more vibrant life experience. I live in Oklahoma with my husband and two beautiful daughters.